Watching this last night and thinking to myself that the best case scenario for this is that the snake eats the man and then has to vomit him back up. What a shit deal for the snake! What if they couldn't scare the snake enough to regurgitate the guy? Would they have had to cut the snake open to save the stupid… » 12/08/14 2:38pm 12/08/14 2:38pm

As much as everyone is pissing on this idea, I think the majority of people putting out a fire in a kitchen are the people who own said kitchen and would know that the decorative bottle of olive oil on the counter is actually a fire extinguisher. I also know that people who spend a considerable amount of money on… » 12/05/14 12:57pm 12/05/14 12:57pm

On Wednesday I had Festive Turkey Poutine at St. Louis Bar & Grill which is a chain of pubs up here in Canada. It was regular poutine, fries with gravy and cheese curds, PLUS turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, frizzle onions and cranberry sauce. » 11/28/14 12:59pm 11/28/14 12:59pm

I was thinking of picking up a Chromebook for my daughter (9) who is starting to get into computers and will soon be needing a computer for school. Do you think a Chromebook would be suitable for that scenario? I've never met a cheap laptop that was worth buying but maybe there are new options that are on par or… » 11/26/14 11:42am 11/26/14 11:42am